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At Fairholme College, we are renowned for providing a caring and nurturing ‘home away from home’ for our boarders. As one of the largest boarding schools in Australia, we make it our mission to ensure that we are also one of the happiest for our 200 girls.

ABSA member logo At Fairholme it is our highest aim to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for your daughter, underpinned by a safe, friendly and stimulating environment.

We know that for most of our Fairholme boarder parents the choice to send their daughter to a Boarding School is necessitated by their rural or remote location, and even as a necessity, this can be a difficult decision. However, once made, this decision will open the door to an exciting, new world full of possibilities.

Going to boarding school gives children the opportunity to make friends with people their own age in a supportive community. As well as academic studies, girls may participate in sporting and cultural pursuits and in the Boarding House, acquire the skills of negotiation, co-operation and sharing, all which contribute to developing the whole person.

Your daughter will be part of a large, vibrant community of girls who come to Fairholme to learn, to grow and to develop friendships for life. We know that we will never be able to replace her real home, but we do seek to work with you in the provision of a safe, structured environment with clear expectations and guidelines for growth and learning.

Like you, we have faith in your daughter’s future and we look forward to sharing her Fairholme journey with you.

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We warmly invite prospective parents to visit Fairholme College Boarding House. For a personalised appointment, please contact our Enrolments Officer. Or request a College Tour appointment  or Enrolment: Apply online 

Alternatively, prospective students and their parents may wish to share a residential weekend with us to experience a little of boarding life at the end of Term 3 each year, our Orientation Weekend. Girls meet and make friends with other girls who will start the year with them, parents meet other parents, and everyone can ask questions to help feel more at ease.

Fairholme College Boarding House is a very special place and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Boarder News

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Stationery and books may be purchased from the HOLMEStore, located on campus.

Parents should deposit money in an account with the HOLMEStore so that their daughters may purchase items needed during the term. Visit the HOLMEStore  for weekday opening hours.

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Boarding at Fairholme College
Boarding at Fairholme College
Boarding at Fairholme College
Boarding at Fairholme College
Boarding at Fairholme College
Boarding at Fairholme College
Boarding at Fairholme College
Boarding at Fairholme College
Boarding at Fairholme College