Boarder Support


Fairholme College Boarding House is proud of the care given to each girl who calls it ‘home’.

This support and nurturing comes firstly from our dedicated, professional and experienced staff, and also from the other boarders themselves. Older girls support younger girls in the ‘Big Sister’ buddy system that has yielded many lasting friendships built on trust and time.

Boarding is a very special time in a girl’s life. We are keenly aware that while a girl lives at the Boarding House, their every experience, both challenging and rewarding alike, contributes to the greater fabric of their years spent growing into a young woman.

As such, our core network of the:

  • Head of Boarding
  • Deputy Heads of Boarding
  • Coordinator of Junior and Middle School
  • Assistants to the Boarding House (Pastoral Care)
  • Boarding Floor Supervisors
  • Gap Student Boarding Assistants
  • Health Centre Nursing Staff
  • Older Boarders and, if needed…
  • The School Counsellor or Head of House

are thorough and intentional in helping the girls adjust to their new situation and environment, not only in their early days as a boarder but for each of their years under our care.

About Boarding Staff

The main focus of our dedicated, experienced and professional staff is to provide the highest level of care to each individual girl. The well-being of our students, staff and community is our priority.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care in the Boarding House is intentional and aims to enable each girl to feel connected and develop a sense of belonging in their ‘home’ at the College.

Relations between all member of the boarding community, amongst the girls and with the staff, are based on respect and trust and many lifelong friendships are formed. A restorative approach is used in dealing with all matters of conflict.

The vertical year levels on every floor and at dinner tables reflect the pastoral group structure at the College. A Pastoral Care committee operates in the Boarding House and implements initiatives promoting the wellbeing of each girl including the ‘big sister’ program, where older boarders support and mentor a new boarder during their first year.