Boarder Learning

College Academic staff are available to assist and tutor boarding students during nightly prep.

Boarders are encouraged to attend after school tutorials which operate across subject areas in the Day School. Support in managing and structuring academic load is also available during Homework Help sessions held in the Learning Enhancement Centre before school.

Boarder Study

All girls have time before school, after school and on weekends to do additional unsupervised study, either individually or with a group of friends, in the Boarding House. All dorms include individual desk and study facilities for the girls to use at any time. Over the weekend it is not uncommon to see girls outside in Daisy Culpin Courtyard, enjoying the beautiful College grounds whilst working.

Before and after school, boarders are also able to access the College’s two centres for learning:

  • The Greta Centre - servicing Middle and Senior School staff and students
  • The GRETA Junior - servicing Fairholme Junior staff and students.

Virtual library: The Greta Centre Online - available 24/7 via the Fairholme Intranet.