Fairholme App Download

Our very own iPhone/iPad App is now available from the App store as a free download.

Download on the app from the Apple App Store Download the app from the Google Play store

Fairholme App

This app is designed to allow Fairholme parents access to information about events and daily activities at the College. It will be updated daily to ensure that the information provided is the most current and up-to-date available.

  • Have the sports fixtures been cancelled due to bad weather? The notice section of the app will tell you.
  • Need to check on the venue and start time of Speech Night? The calendar in the app will hold this information.

You do not need to receive everything!

One of the features of this app is that you can sign up for only those notices and events that you wish to know about. So, if your child is in Year 5, you can choose to receive only Junior School information on the app, and not any information for Senior School parents.

There is a notice on the app to assist you with setting up this feature - just look in the Notifications section!

We trust that you will enjoy the convenience that this app will bring you.

Fairholme App Support

We welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have, as the information available will continue to grow with time.

Please contact Marita Ramia via email communication@fairholme.qld.edu.au or by phone at 07 4688 4688 with any enquiries.