Toowoomba Grammar School Cadet Unit is part of the Australian Army Cadets (AAC) which is a community based, defence sponsored youth development organisation that provides adventurous, fulfilling and educational military-like training for young people. Toowoomba Grammar School Cadet Unit is a school based unit, sponsored by the Toowoomba Grammar School. The Cadet Unit, founded in May 1892, is one of Toowoomba Grammar School’s finest traditions and is the oldest continuously operational Cadet Unit in Queensland. It is co-educational and open to girls from Fairholme College and The Glennie School.

The Toowoomba Grammar School Cadet Unit is open to all students aged between 12 ½ and 19 years and is a youth development organisation that teaches the value of teamwork, leadership skills, survival skills, friendship, morale, self-discipline, respect and a spirit of adventure offered through challenges in the training programme.

In addition the Cadets will learn career skills such as:

  • citizenship through drill, ceremonial activities, military traditions and history;
  • public speaking through leadership and promotion courses;
  • field craft which includes bush and survival skills;
  • radio telecommunications;
  • first aid;
  • navigation including map reading and orienteering;
  • safe weapon handling.

Cadets will learn from Cadet Non-Commissioned Officers who are supervised by Officers of Cadets.

The Unit provide uniforms and most equipment such as socks, boots, Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform, Polyester Uniforms, webbing and field packs. The Cadet Unit has its own fee structure which is available upon request. In return we ask for a commitment to a year with the Cadet Unit, which involves meeting once a week for Home Training on a Friday afternoon; four Unit bivouacs (camps) a year and an Annual Camp run by the Army in the September holidays.

Cadets are given the opportunity to attend additional voluntary adventure training days run as Toowoomba Grammar School Based Activities. In addition Cadet Awards and Promotion Courses in Leadership Skills are run by Southern Queensland AAC Brigade. Promotion starts from the cadet’s second year and provides them with the opportunity to be responsible for small groups of other cadets from an early age.

The Cadet Unit offers cadets the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The Award is an exciting self-development programme, offering young people between the ages of 14 and 25 years the opportunity to challenge themselves to achieve their potential through a programme of individual, non-competitive, personal challenge and development. It aims to build in young people self-motivation and confidence whilst giving participants a real sense of achievement.

The Award Programme has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Many of the modules of the current Australian Army Cadet Training Programme will provide opportunities for cadets to meet the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh Award with little additional commitment by the participants.

TGSCU can be contacted on 07 4687 2500 or at