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Year 12 Results 2015

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We are very pleased to present a synopsis of the Overall Position data for the Seniors of 2015. The achievements of these students are strong, with academic improvement most evident in the QCS results where nearly 70% of students achieved an A or B on the Queensland Core Skills Test.

The results below are representative of commitment and hard work both individually and as a whole cohort as well as reflecting the strong educational and pastoral support that has been provided by a professional and dedicated teaching staff. We recognise particularly, the work of Dr Carole Hill and her QCS teacher team for their work in preparing the girls for these tests.

Fairholme Students OP Outcomes for 2015
  • 99% of our girls achieved their QCE/QCIA (Queensland Certificate of Education/Individual Achievement)
  • 31% of our girls achieved an Overall Position between 1 - 5
  • 94% of our girls achieved an Overall Position between 1 - 15
  • 36% of our girls also completed VET Studies (Vocational & Educational Training)
Fairholme OP percentile bands for 2015

The OP (Overall Position) score is used solely for tertiary education admission. It reflects each student’s position in a Queensland-wide ranking order of overall achievement in Queensland Studies Authority-approved subjects. Overall positions range from an OP1 (the highest) through to an OP25.

Fairholme QCS percentile bands for 2015

The QCS (Queensland Core Skills Test) is a common state-wide test designed for Year 12 students which contributes information for the calculation of Overall Positions (OPs) and Field Positions (FPs) and is used to rank students for tertiary entrance.

In reading the graphs and statistics associated with academic results it is essential to note that these figures do not capture other important qualities about each one of our school-leavers. They do not reflect their personal characteristics that will guide and inform the quality of their life.

Our efforts throughout each girl’s schooling at Fairholme have been focused upon developing appropriate pathways for the future within a tertiary educational setting, or within the workplace and ultimately as contributing members of the communities to which they belong. We do have confidence in each of our girl’s ability to make a positive difference in her chosen field.

On this occasion we also wish to acknowledge the achievements of those who have attained academic excellence. It is of interest to note that of the 25 760 students who were OP Eligible in 2015 (14 379female; 11 381 male) a total of 708 students were awarded OP 1 (347 female; 361male).

We now look ahead with anticipation towards university offers. Pleasingly, more than one-third of our girls have already received advance notification of placement through Principal Recommendations at the University of New England and the University of Southern Queensland, as well as scholarship and early entry to some courses at BOND University, Griffith University, the Queensland University of Technology and the Australian Catholic University.

As previously advised, any girls wishing to discuss changes to preferences can contact our Careers Pathways Counsellor, Mrs Laura Anderson via e-mail at

Thank you and congratulations to our Year 12 cohort and to all who have supported their learning journey thus far. We have great faith in their future.

Year 12 Results 2015