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Setting The Barre High

When Zara Eather and Hannah Cook jetted off to Sydney at the weekend, they were excited at the prospect of just auditioning at ‘Brent Street’. After all, if you make it to Brent Street, chances are you’ll achieve some lifelong dreams.

‘We arrived there on Sunday morning and we took three, hour-long classes,’ says Hannah.

‘Yeah we did ballet and contemporary technique, and then a panel comes in and watches you dance. They discuss your ability, your talents, with each other while you perform,’ Zara says, adding all dancers at the auditions were incredibly talented.

‘Then we had to do an interview with the panel, and they asked us about our goals and aspirations. I told them I wanted to work, perform and travel overseas. That’s my passion,’ Hannah says with a sense of determination already showing.

For Zara, dancing is also her passion, but she’s willing to do anything for a chance to be on stage.

‘I said, “I just want to perform. I don’t care if I’m singing, dancing, acting – as long as I’m on a stage.” I would love to be in a musical.’

They left Brent Street, with their hearts full of hope and dreams already building.

On Tuesday afternoon both Hannah and Zara received an email from the Director thanking them for auditioning, and offering them a place in the Elite Performance 2018 course.

Zara says she was already screaming when she read that she’d also been selected for a call back, for a scholarship audition, as did Hannah. They are two of just six call backs.

‘My mum cried, and just kept saying “I can’t believe it”,’ said Hannah.

Zara reflected on the words so often shared by Principal, Dr Linda Evans.

‘My Mum is so proud and she said “It just shows you can do anything you put your mind to.” It reminded me of Dr Evans saying, “We do these things not because they’re easy, but because they’re hard.”’

The girls are both in Year 12 and have been dancing five days a week, even with QCS and Exams on their minds, their dedication to Dance is admirable.

‘Your technique has to be spot on at an audition like this. Because you turn up and they teach you the choreography on the day, and that’s it. You’re on,’ says Zara.

Both students thanked Fairholme Dance Teacher, Mrs Brigid Baker, for introducing them to Brent Street on a tour last year.

‘I went on that tour, and I just knew I had to get there,’ Hannah says proudly.

Both girls head back to Sydney in a week’s time to audition for scholarships.

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