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A Decade Of Roos' Elegance At Fairholme

Eddie Roos smiles broadly in his blue Cosmetic Elegance uniform, as he shares the photos of his three daughters, Claudine, Marli and Lindy.

All three attended Fairholme College.

The youngest, Lindy, will finish at Fairholme in November this year.

The Roos’ journey has been as diverse as the cosmetic industry is becoming.

‘We arrived from South Africa in 1998. We started in Bowen, before moving onto Goondiwindi and we’ve been in Toowoomba now for eleven years.’

As a young Doctor, Eddie worked in General Practice in South Africa, and continued as a GP in Bowen when he moved his family to Australia. He built a good clientele following in Goondwindi before moving to Toowoomba to start up his clinic, specialising in Cosmetic and Skin Cancer Medicine. ‘I like rural areas – I’m not a big city person. That is why I wanted to set up in Toowoomba. I love country people, they are down to earth, lovely people,’ says Dr Roos, as he recalls the moment they discovered Fairholme.

‘I remember meeting some Fairholme teachers at the Goondiwindi Show, and they gave the girls those Fairholme teddies, and that was it. They decided straight away they wanted to go to Fairholme,’ laughs Dr Roos.

His demeanour changes though as he looks to his wife, Denise.

‘I guess Denise has been more like a single parent with the girls, and school events, because I’ve been so busy running Cosmetic Elegance.’

But Denise says it’s been a fairly easy journey, with a supportive school that is continuously recording outstanding results.

‘A school is a school but Fairholme has been the best school for Lindy, we’ve been very happy,’ she says.

Dr Roos nods in agreeance, ‘I think the thing about Fairholme is that it’s so well balanced. It’s not just about sport. It’s not just about academics, it’s not just about cultural things. It’s an all-round excellent school.’

Cosmetic Elegance is the major sponsor of the Fairholme Winter Gala Ball, celebrating 100 years. ‘This was an opportunity for us to show our gratitude to the College and the teachers for everything they’ve done for our girls.’

Next month Dr Roos’ clinic will celebrate 10 years. It’s a milestone he’s also proud of.

‘We started here 10 years ago with only 4 small rooms. We now have 10 rooms and three extra rooms. I started off with just botox and fillers. Then I bought lasers and now I have something that freezes fat.’ He smiles broadly again.

‘That is success. But what’s better is that I absolutely love what I do. I never offer a treatment that I don’t like.’

He admits though, even after a decade in the industry, the future will be challenging. ‘There’s a lot of changes in the industry. We’ll see a lot of nurse run clinics. I have to think now, as a doctor run clinic, how do I compete? How do offer good quality service when you have people using different products under different prices?’

‘I think if we continue to offer exceptional results and quality then we will continue to succeed. We have clients that have been coming to us since we started. It’s not a hundred metre dash, it’s a marathon.’

Dr Roos and his wife, Denise, have sponsored the artwork that will be auctioned at the Gala Ball on Saturday night.

A Decade Of Roos' Elegance At Fairholme


A Decade Of Roos' Elegance At Fairholme