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Home Is Everywhere, But No Where.

Grace Scanlon is a long way from Hong Kong. It’s where her parents live, and where she returns to for school holidays at least twice a year, but it’s not home. Ask Grace where home is, and her answer is, ‘Home is everywhere, but nowhere.’

Grace says she has grown to be grateful for her upbringing, which has included living in Toowoomba, Perth and Hong Kong. The Senior student says she feels a sense of honour to be able to claim so many places as her home.

‘I often think how my life would be different if I had grown up in one place, in the same house. I wonder what it would be like to have lived in a house where there were ruler marks beside a doorframe, recording ever moment I was just taller than my younger sisters. Living in a town or city and going to school with a friend since kindy. These are feelings I’ve always wanted to have. I have finally come to terms with my experience and have realised that there are plenty of nomads just like me all over the world. I do belong to a culture. The Third Culture kids.’

Grace and her two sisters are Boarders at Fairholme College, and it’s become a very important home for them.

‘I love being around people, lots of people, and always having friends around. So the Boarding House is a haven. Even the homes of some of my daygirl friends have become a home to me.’

Getting out on leave with friends also provides a break from sibling rivalry.

‘I actually just had a fight with Emma five minutes ago. She stole my running tights,’ Grace sighs and shakes her head, but is quick to admit having her sisters, Mary-Jane and Emma, living with her and all of their friends is the best part about Boarding.

The only bad thing about Boarding, according to Grace, is not having her Mum to wash her linen.

‘I hate, hate, hate having to put a doona cover on. I have offered to pay other Boarders to do it because I find it so frustrating.’

Most holidays Grace and her sisters, Emma and Mary-Jane, return home to Hong Kong.

‘I love Hong Kong. It’s very multicultural. It’s very diverse. The food and the culture is amazing, and I love watching the Hong Kong Rugby 7s.’

It’s Grace’s last year at Boarding School.

Next year she’ll be on a new journey, finding new places to call home.

‘Knowing these days are our last is making it so exciting. Our last swimming carnival, our last school photo, our last exam block – there are so many memories to take with us from Fairholme’.

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