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Kamakura, Buddhas And Train Travel

We started our day by catching many trains to reach Kamakura where we were sightseeing for the day. The trains were packed as it was peak hour and we couldn’t even move our arms. Pushing, cramming and squeezing people on trains appears to be a national sport!

When we reached the famous Buddha we were lucky enough to go inside and, no surprise: we also took many touristy selfies. As Kamakura is a fishing village, when we visited the beach the water was surprisingly warm but the sand was not as nice as on Australian beaches because it was black.

On our way back to Tokyo, Mr Goodsell, our fearless tour guide and direction finder fell asleep! We were lucky enough to go shopping in Shibuya at the largest pedestrian crossing in the world where we even managed to not get lost in the crowd and crossed the street without injury.

Our highlights of the day included eating from the many vending machines, seeing the cherry blossoms, going inside the big Buddha and eating ice cream (but not as many as the 7 Olivia Lewis ate in 7 hours.) The Japanese people are very polite and do not talk loudly on trains, however we did, and especially the adults (no names mentioned Mr Evans). The train guard even had to tell us to ‘talk down’.

To finish the day we all ate western inspired food at a local restaurant, and we all were ready for a very big sleep!

Scarlett Winter, Olivia Ross and Piper Warren

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