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The Tokyo SUBWAY! and More

For anyone who’s been on the subway system in any country, you would know the challenge of trying to get on and off the trains. Now imagine that in Tokyo, one of the most populated cities in the world, and imagine trying to get 19 people on and off in roughly thirty seconds. Thankfully, my group of Scarlett and Mr Evans were excellent at it, or at least Scarlett and I were.

The Tokyo Skytree was easily the highlight of the day, despite the amount of time we spent queueing. The Japanese are professional at queueing we learnt, as we slowly but surely crept our way up to the front of the line. The elevator moved so fast – at the insane speed of 600 m/minute that we didn’t even realise it was moving until our ears popped, and when we came out, we were greeted by the most amazing view of the city, stretching out further than our eyes could see.

The sheer size and variety was breathtaking, and this unique way of viewing the city further opened our eyes to the differences between our little old Toowoomba and this beautiful super-city.

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