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Climb Any Mountain

Ellie Randall unashamedly admits she spends all her pocket money on bike accessories, tyres and lycra, and it all just paid off.

On Sunday the 16 year old rode in the Ride the Range challenge for the first time.

After only 5 months of training in long distance riding, Ellie was the first female to cross the finish line in the gruelling 112 kilometre race.

“So we started out at Picnic Point and descended from there which was the scariest part because it’s really fast, and there’s so many riders bunched together.

But it finishes up the hill (the Range), and you hit the hill with 108k’s already done and you have to get up that.”

‘That hill’ is the Toowoomba Range, via Blanchview road back to Picnic Point. The biggest challenge is making it back up the Great Dividing Range.

“It was such an awesome feeling to know I did it and did it in such good time. Dad and I were aiming to finish in 4 and a half hours.”

Ellie rode across the line, recording a time of 3 hours and 45 minutes.

The Year 11 Fairholme student rides on Thursday and Saturday mornings, with the Highfield’s Rollers. Often her Mum and Dad are riding alongside her.

“I love the beautiful places that we ride – we go out to Oakey and all around Toowoomba and it’s just beautiful first thing in the morning.”

Riding the notorious Toowoomba Range, it seems, has left Ellie looking for a new challenge.

“I definitely want to do the Three Peaks challenge – it’s a 235km ride. I just have to find time to fit that in.”

The triathlete and cyclist wants other girls to set the benchmark higher.

“Just give it a go. You know all these girls always say ‘I could never do that’ or ‘that’s not for me’ – but when you get out there you just take it a kilometre at a time. That’s applicable to everything in life. I just used that same mentality to make it through my Maths exam.”

Watch this space…

Climb Any Mountain