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Fitting Together the Pieces

‘There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.’ Deepak Chopra

Piece by piece, Fairholme Junior School students recently put their artistic talents together to complete a giant jigsaw puzzle, which will be showcased for all of Toowoomba to see at the opening of the next stage of the Grand Central redevelopment. Fairholme Junior was asked to take part in the community initiative which saw school children from across the region decorate individual jigsaw pieces to create a massive puzzle wall to be installed next to the new Woolworths.

Deputy Head of Fairholme Junior Ms Helen Rasmussen said the project was a great learning opportunity for the girls – as well as lots of fun!

‘Children love painting and they love jigsaw puzzles, so to combine the two was a dream project for our students,’ Ms Rasmussen said.

‘We had two 15m sections and one week to create an artwork that depicts Toowoomba. It was a collaborative process involving all of our students from Prep to Year 6. The Year 4 classes came up with the initial suggestions for the community theme: people of Toowoomba, flowers, Table Top Mountain, parks and gardens and farms.

‘Each class then worked together to decorate and complete the puzzle, adding to what the previous class had painted. It gave the students the opportunity to reflect upon what others had created and how they could further add to make the mural more colourful and interesting,’ Ms Rasmussen said. ‘It was a great shared project.’

Ms Rasmussen said the outcome is striking. ‘It is wonderful to be involved in a community project that allows children to be creative and to see their artwork viewed and appreciated by others. So many lovely ideas and styles make up our completed jigsaw. The girls were allowed great freedom in expressing how they saw our community.’

The Puzzle Wall will be located on a hoarding between Woolworths and the carpark on L1; it opens on 29 March. Fairholme Junior’s giant jigsaw puzzle will be on display from opening day.

‘The finished work is beautiful, and the girls should be very proud of themselves.’

Fitting Together the Pieces


Fitting Together the Pieces