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This week Fairholme College 2016 Senior, Clara Lee, will meet new people and begin studies in Advanced Science, as a Medicine student at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane.

Clara’s Queensland Core Skills work last year, will feature in the Queesland 2017 Retrospective, as an example to Year 12s across the state.

Clara was a Music Scholarship recipient at Fairholme, and last year proved she could do it all. She succeeded in Piano and completed her AMusA. At 17 years of age she’s also completed her Grade 8 Cello exam, and intends to sit her AMusA.

“I’ve had people advising me not to let my music go while I study medicine. I will keep practicing and playing pieces I want to play, but I have to say it was easy to do that at Fairholme. The College just offered such a solid Music and Academic program. It pushed me to reach my full potential, but not to the point of exhaustion.”

Clara says the Music Scholarship at Fairholme is backed by amazing teachers.

“The teachers are so encouraging and they offer both one on one support, and the opportunity to be involved in wonderful ensembles. I was given the opportunity to fine tune pieces, to perform at my best and learn all the theory.”

The financial support made it possible, while Clara’s mother was studying.

“The school paid for all my lessons, and supported me through all my exams and paid for all my books and other expenses. It gave me the all the encouragement I needed to continue studying both instruments and succeed.”

Clara has moved to Brisbane this week and will begin studying at UQ this week.

Head of teaching and learning Stewart Peacock said the school was proud of Clara’s achievements.

“In a very small way I’m not surprised, Clara is an outstanding student, she is a fine academic, and a brilliant musician. She’s just a lovely young woman and we are very proud that she’s one of us,” Mr Peacock said.

Apply online, Music Scholarship applications close on Wednesday, 15 February 2017.

Fair Scholarships


Fair Scholarships