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Pirouetting Around the World

Holly Bradley was destined for a life of dance from a young age. She was the youngest student to be accepted into the National Conservatoire Ballet Company at the age of twelve. Last year she was the youngest of three girls chosen to dance in Hungary.

This year, at age 15, Holly is one of six girls hand-picked to attend, and perform, at the International Dance Council's 50th World Congress in Athens. The invitation only event consists of specialists in the dance field from over 200 countries. Holly will be performing, attending lectures, and masterclasses in July.

As well as attending the World Congress, Holly is one of 4 girls to be chosen to perform at Fiestalonia Milenio, in Italy. The event is one of Europe’s biggest international dance festivals, where she will be performing alongside dancers from all over the world. It’s the first time an Australian Youth Ballet company has been invited to perform at a World Congress and International Dance Festival.

The National Conservatoire Ballet Company is now fundraising to assist Holly, and her fellow dancers, to get over to Greece and Italy. If you’d like to contribute, please contact Fairholme College.

Pirouetting Around the World