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Meet The Youngest Fairholme Boarder

Pennelope Skene is Fairholme’s youngest Boarder in 2017, and with her cheeky grin and bright personality, she’s already making her presence felt in both the Boarding House and classrooms.

“I come from Cecil Plains – so I’m not too far from home,” says the ten year old fresh faced country kid, who waved enthusiastically as her Mum and Dad left her this week, and called out to her father, “Don’t you be cheeky while I’m away Dad!”

‘Penne’ has a pet German Shepherd at home called Norman.

“He follows me everywhere. If I head out in the ute with Mum or Dad, he’ll jump up in the back. If I head out to work on the farm, he comes along too.”

Penne’s family runs a farm.

“I farm dry crops. Sometimes we will do a bit of cotton, but most of the time it’s sorghum, wheat, barley.”

Penne’s just finished her first week at Fairholme Junior, and feels right at home. “I think this week has been a great experience, and I feel I’m going to have a great time at Fairholme!”

Head of Junior School, Mrs Erin Tonscheck and Boarding staff will be visiting Cecil Plains next Friday, to meet with current families, old girls and prospective families.

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