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Elyssa Rummell

Elyssa Rummell began her Fairholme journey in Year 4. She’s made dozens of friends, seen some come, and some go. But the photo of the girls standing in front of the Homestead is a replica of one taken in Year 9, and Elyssa likes to think there’ll be another one taken, when they return as Fairholme Old Girls.

“Well I think this next step for us is going to be a bit scary, but we’ve become very independent girls at Fairholme.” And that became evident to Elyssa at their Formal, in March.

“Everyone just looked so different out of theTartan. None of us ever get that dressed up with make- up and all, and I guess for a second, I could see how grown up we’ve all become.”

Suddenly Elyssa could see how her school had managed to prepare her, and her peers, for their first break into the real world. One Elyssa is now more than ready for.

“I’m heading to USQ to study Nursing next year – I’ve already been accepted after applying for a scholarship with a Principal’s recommendation.”

Straight back into the books, but not before some overseas adventures. Elyssa plans to hit Europe with a friend for a few months before University studies beckon.

Elyssa shares a photo of her friends spelling out Fairholme at a swimming carnival this year and says the friendships she’s built, and the fun she’s had in the Swimming Club, will remain some of her best memories.

“Dave is the best coach. Everyone always had so much fun at all the carnivals. That’s Fairholme for you – everyone in any sport is always so supportive and inclusive.”

In five years you’ll find Elyssa…

“Hopefully with a qualification in Nursing, and possibly putting that degree to work over in the UK.”

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