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Seniors 2016

A student at Fairholme College since 2003, Gabriella Meyers is about to step out of her ‘home’, and she’s not the least bit concerned.

“I feel confident and comfortable.

Fairholme really guides us, to understand what it is we want, through the school’s Life Skills Lessons. It just gives us guidance to discover more about ourselves, and to be confident in the people we are becoming.”

‘Gabby’ laughs as she shares her first photo at Fairholme - 13 years ago.

“I started at Fairholme in Kindy- Mrs Darbyshire was my Kindy teacher and sometimes I still stop to talk to her. I love seeing her at school. I think I’m just so comfortable here that I’m now confident in myself to go out and see the world.”

And that is just what she plans to do. Gabby is currently finishing off a diploma in Children’s Services, through the Pathways Program offered at Fairholme.

The 17 year old is planning on a Gap Year in 2017, to travel through Asia and Europe. Then after completing a University degree, Gabby hopes to work overseas, as a teacher.

“I think my interest in teaching comes from Fairholme. There’s been so many Teachers that have had such a positive influence on my life, I’ve always thought I would like to have that kind of impact on people.”

Gabby shares a photo of her favourite moment in 2016, the last ever March Past for her house.

“I get goose bumps thinking about it. Everyone was so proud and Fairholme is such a passionate school. I’ll always remember how involved everyone becomes in the March Past.”

In five years Gabby hopes we will find her…

“Hopefully overseas teaching. Maybe not in America now… (laughing) but that’s my dream.”

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