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Seniors 2016

Alexandra Capp looks at the photo from their Daygirl Dinner. She’s pictured with Alice O’Connor and a friend from St Ursula’s College. All three girls went to preschool together. Next week they’ll hear the school bell for the very last time. They’ll go on to celebrate at Schoolies week, and after that, ‘Alex’ already has her path cut out for her. She’s already been accepted to study psychology at UNE in Armidale, and she adds, it’s largely thanks to the Fairholme Pathways program.

“The pathways program was amazing - I did mine in Education Support. I did a traineeship at Grammar, and taught Year One as a teacher aide every Wednesday for a year.”

Each Wednesday Alex would miss three classes. She would come home from Toowoomba Grammar and email each teacher, to catch up on her missed lessons.

“Along with the extra modules I had to complete, it was a lot of work. But it was worth it.”

Alex attributes her work ethic to her time spent Boarding at Fairholme. Sharing a photo of her with her boarder friends Matilda, Rosie and Lala, she smiles as she recalls her time in the Boarding House.

“I packed a fair bit of criticism going in there (the Boarding House). Mum and Dad had booked me in for a term because they were going overseas. But when their plans fell through, I still wanted to board. The girls in the Boarding house wondered why I would. If I’m honest, it was good for Mum and I to have some time apart. And it helped me get into a study routine. I learnt to schedule prep and get some study done. Then when I went home I continued in that routine. I got into a real habit.”

But as the hard year of study comes to an end, Alex is quick to attribute some of her success to the Fairholme Teaching community.

“The teachers have played an enormous role in my success so far. They’re so invested in you at Fairholme. They don’t just hand you an assignment and wish you luck… they understand who you are as a student and how you learn.”

Another photo pops up on Alex’s laptop. It’s a picture of the day she received her Jersey.

“I loved this day. It was fun - we got those jerseys and then we really felt like Seniors.”

Now she celebrates finishing all of her exams and assessment pieces, and prepares for the next big step.

“I’ve lived in the same house all my life. The same suburb, the same city. I’m ready for a major change.”

Where will she be in 5 years time?

“I can only I hope that I am still surrounded by the wonderful girls I’ve met here at Fairholme and that I’m happy. I think that’s the most important thing - that I’m happy in my life.”

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