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No Fast Fashion

The Fairholme College Assembly Hall was transformed over the weekend to accommodate a huge runway, and seats for some 500 people, all keen to see the results of a Fashion competition that encourages students to create Cotton friendly designs, to be judged and shown on a catwalk.

Queensland Designer, Julie Tengdahl says it’s the most unique competition she’s ever been involved in.

“I’ve never come across a school that openly encourages students from all over the region to participate in a show, where really every one is a winner. All of these designers have had a chance to put their hard work on show. And in the process, they’ve learnt how important it is for the Fashion Industry to work with local industries.”

Ms Tengdahl joined Pia Du Pradal, Clare Greenhill and Alex Kennedy to judge the Middle school, Senior School and Open categories.

Camilla Meise won the Open competition with her design, while Ashley Duff and Jess Rogers took out the Senior and Middle school Categories respectively.

“This is about more than Fashion. This is about teaching the students the importance of being ethical in everything they do. Including fashion,” said Textiles Teacher Mandi-Joy Meise.

“I wanted the girls to understand that behind every garment, is a farmer, a designer, a sewer – and that they can create a beautiful piece that will last more than one season of fashion. If we can change that mind-set now – in a generation that is swamped by fast fashion – then perhaps we can change the direction of the environment, and indeed the Industry.”

Fairholme College would like to thank its supporters, Cotton Australia, Darling Downs Cotton and Yarraandoo Farming and Equipment for making the event possible.

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