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Don't Fence Me In

Skye Agar lives about ten hour’s drive from the Toowoomba Boarding House, at Fairholme College.

It’s a long bus ride home to the family home in Wyandra, a small town with a population of around 60, set on the Matilda Highway, 100 kilometres north of Cunnamulla.

But it’s worth every hour when Skye finally steps off the bus. Her two sisters travelled the same long, red dusty road into Fairholme’s Boarding School before her, and also come home to the family property when they can.

The Agars farm sheep and cattle, and these school holidays they’ll be finishing off an important job to help keep their livestock from being mauled by wild dogs.

A 44 kilometre fence is being erected.

“Well Dad’s already been working on it. This one will be easier than the others. We’ve got some new fencing equipment and it will make it a much quicker job.”

Like much of west Queensland, Wyandra locals are celebrating the rain. Skye’s face lights up when we talk about the change in weather.

“Yeah it’s been raining a bit. It will look pretty different when I get home.”

And, even the thought of 40 odd kilometres of fencing, can’t dampen the trip home.

“I don’t mind it too much. If the days are cool it’s better. It’s not much fun when it’s really hot at home.”

So Skye will dig in, get the fencing done and then enjoy some time with her sisters, her Mum and Dad and her pet cat, Foo.

“I came to Fairholme in Grade 8 when I was 14. Both my sisters came here. It’s a great school. But one day I hope to own my own property. And I love the Fashion Design course here. I’d like to study that at Uni.”

Skye’s Mum, Tricia, shared these spectacular photos of her daughters and their life on the land, in Wyandra.

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