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Raising The Barre

Year 10 student, Holly Bradley is leaping with excitement as she prepares to head to Budapest this week, for a ten day Dance Workshop tour.

Holly, a Boarder from Dalby, has been dancing since she was four years old and hopes this international workshop will help prepare her for a career in dance.

“On Thursday I head to Budapest and I’ll be dancing all week next week. We will be doing a bit of pointe, classical ballet, repertoire and even some demi character,” says Holly.

Dance teacher, Sarah Brown, has an international career and organised for Holly and two other girls in the region to be at the ballet workshop, where teachers from all over the world will converge.

“Mum’s coming with me, and there’s another girl from Toowoomba and one from Dalby chosen to attend. I get to just be a tourist this weekend, but then it will be straight into dancing.”

Holly will spend six hours every day learning new techniques and mastering old ones, and hopes the experience will help pivot her into a dance company.

Holly leaves for Budapest on Thursday.

Raising The Barre