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Former Fairholme Girls Head for Rio

Two former Fairholme Touch players are headed for Rio, after being named in the Rugby Sevens Olympic team.

Emilee Cherry and Gemma Etheridge will both fly out for Rio next week.

It’s big news for both girls, particularly Gemma, who has put her everything on hold and concentrated on recovering from a torn ACL, so that she might make it to Rio. She even quit her job as a radiologist and postponed her wedding, to focus on training and rehabilitation.

“I thought the dream was over,” Gemma told Nine News.

“It’s probably cliché to say it is the Olympics but it is, for me, a lifelong dream. I always dreamed and hoped I’d get there one day.”

She’ll be pinching herself as she takes steps off a plane in Rio, to prepare for competition to begin on August 7.

23 year old Emilee Cherry was back home in June, training on the Fairholme oval, after helping Australia bring home its first ever World Rugby Series win.

She said it was a hard working squad, and Rio was at the top of every player’s wishlist.

“We’ve got a really competitive squad and all 21 girls are looking for a spot. That’s definitely a strength for our team that we are all pushing each other all the time and trying to do our best.”

The full team is listed below. See 9 News story video ›

Women’s Sevens team for the Olympics

  1. Shannon Parry
  2. Sharni Williams
  3. Nicole Beck
  4. Gemma Etheridge
  5. Emma Tonegato
  6. Evania Pelite
  7. Charlotte Caslick
  8. Chloe Dalton
  9. Amy Turner
  10. Alicia Quirk
  11. Emilee Cherry
  12. Ellia Green

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