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What You Are, The Name Of The School Shall Be

“They were happy times, crowded with work and play, and all the time, unconsciously a deep love of our school was creeping into our hearts. My school has done so much for me and now I never think of it but as the ‘fair home’ of some of my happiest memories.” - Mary Charles, 1924

On the 16th July, 1917 Fairholme officially opened its doors in Wirra Wirra Street as a school. Six students walked up the steps of Cameron House, and began a journey that is now steeped in history, spirit, service and friendships.

“Girls rode their horses to school. One girl even kept her horse at school,” Principal Linda Evans told the Assembly.

Dr Evans told today’s students the honor of the College, depends on the honor of its students.

“Once a Fairholme girl, always a Fairholme girl.”

But it was the words of former Fairholme student, Julie Molloy that touched the audience.

The 1972 senior told students and staff of how she lost two former classmates in her final year of school. Kathy Bambling a boarder from Gayndah, and Gillian Foot a day girl, both drowned on holidays in 1972.

Today Julie told how, as Captain of Cameron House, she can describe what she’s taken from Fairholme in five C’s.

Courage - after losing her best friends.

Compassion - her classmate Mrs Jenny Sutton taught her. She said “If you ever need compassion, turn to ‘Curtie’”, which was the nickname Mrs Sutton was given at school.

Commitment - to live the life her friends could not.

Classmates - to last a lifetime

And finally, Connections - for the old and new friendships she’s forged through Fairholme.

“I’ve always felt honoured to say I went to Fairholme. Fairholme. What a lovely picture the name paints.” - Julie Molloy, Senior 1972.

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