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Bonjour et Bienvenue à Fairholme!

Two French exchange students have arrived at Fairholme this week, and already have their leggings on under their winter skirts for warmth.

But it’s nothing they haven’t experienced before.

“Well it is summer at home at the moment, but the Winter in France is much colder than here,” said Victoria Chalain.

The 15 year old arrived in Australia this week and has already seen her first game of netball, which they don’t play in France.

Victoria has been learning English for about five years and says Australians are even friendlier than she thought they’d be.

“They are very nice and they are always smiling.”

She’s travelling with 15 year old Aloise Graveraud, who will spend the next three months in classes at Fairholme.

“I’m happy, excited, and a little lost.” But she says the Fairholme community is making her feel at home.

“Very welcoming. All the people are saying ‘Oh you’re from France - that’s so cool!’ - they’re all so lovely.”

The girls are here as part of an international exchange organisation, NACEL, and will be joined by five more European students from next term.

Four more French students will travel to Australia, along with two German and one Swiss girl, to experience life at Fairholme College.

Bonjour et Bienvenue à Fairholme!