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Brave Shave

This time tomorrow, Bettina Kobelt will be sporting a bald head, just like her Mum.

“We’ll be twins!”

Bettina’s mum, Deborah, has been through four stages of chemotherapy for acute leukaemia.

“She found out the Thursday before my Formal. So she couldn’t come down. She’s sort of in remission now, but they’ve said it will come back if they don’t do stem cell transplants. And there might not be anything they can do after that.”

The Year 12 student is helping organise the “Shave for a Cure” at Fairholme’s Assembly hall. Four brave students will shave their heads, while others are chopping their long locks.

Already, they’ve raised more than $25,000.

Bettina Kobelt knows first-hand, the benefits of cancer fundraisers.

“Especially because my Mum is travelling to Adelaide for stem cell transplants, and the Leukaemia Foundation has provided us with a 3 bedroom apartment for free, for the entire time she’s down there.”

The 17 year old says initially her mother was upset about her plans to shave her hair.

“At first she was a little bit apprehensive because she always yanks my pony tail and says oh it’s such horse’s tail – it’s so thick and beautiful!”

But Deborah says her daughter quickly struck an agreement with her.

“Bettina told me if she is going to shave her head, then I have to shave off any growth mine’s had since Chemotherapy. She’s a very brave girl, and I am so proud of her.”

Bettina is pictured holding her pony tail one last time, with Georgia Hayward, who will cut her long blonde locks tomorrow, alongside a dozen other senior girls.

Brave Shave