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World Star Back On Home Soil

In her time at Fairholme College, Emilee Cherry was a remarkable touch player. Then, in 2010 she received a letter inviting her to a Rugby camp and, the rest is history.

Home from a whirlwind of success and excitement, where she helped Australia bring home its first ever World Rugby Series win, the 23 year old is showing no signs of easing up as she heads into training and a nail biting selection process for the Olympics, in Rio.

“We’ve got a really competitive squad and all 21 girls are looking for a spot. That’s definitely a strength for our team that we are all pushing each other all the time and trying to do our best.”

Another three of those girls are also Former Fairholme students. Gemma Etheridge, Dom du Toit and Demi Hayes all played in the World Series and have made their mark at an international level.

“Having the Fairholme girls by my side has definitely helped with the transition to Sydney, and it’s made everything a bit more fun coming home.”

Emillee will have some time now to reflect on the World Series, and her success as the second highest try scorer in the World Series.

“We’ve got a few training camps leading up to the Olympics. One against Japan here, and then we’re heading up to Darwin. And then we will head to Rio…”

An announcement on the Olympic team is expected early next month.

But for now, Emilee Cherry is savouring every moment of the sport she loves, hoping her team's success will catapult the game into schools everywhere, providing a stronger future for women's rugby.

“It’s becoming really popular as a sport and the girls school teams are increasing and it's awesome that they're getting that experience from a young age because most of us didn't start til we were 18 or 19.”

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