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Further success in the saddle

Congratulations to Fairholme riders Mia Doering, Phoebe Riordan, Meg Gillan (Captain), Bree Robertson, Amilia Schooley, Clare Hensley, Camille Fitton and Laura Howe who participated in the Glennie Showhorse and Showman day on Saturday 19 March and to Lauren Bougoure, Becky Gillan, Mia Doering and Rebecca Mullen who rode exceptionally well during the Fairholme Showjumping event on Sunday 20 March.

Results were:
Showman 85cm: Phoebe 2nd, Mia 3rd, Meg 4th, Bree 6th;
Showman 60cm: Amilia 6th;
Showman 3 phase: Laura 2nd, Camille 6th;
Showhorse: Bree 1st;
Working Hunter: Phoebe 3rd, Amilia 6th;
Hunter Hack: Bree 1st.

Overall placings for Showjumping:
120cm: Becky 1st, Meg 3rd;
110cm: Meg 1st, Phoebe 2nd, Becky 4th, Lauren 6th, Amilia 7th;
100cm: Mia 9th;
90cm: Rebecca 8th;
80cm: Bree 8th;
70cm: Amilia 4th.

Well done also, to Becky Gillan who competed in the Junior Equestrian Championship at the RASQ Toowoomba Show during the holidays. The ‘Finch Farm’ event is an extremely competitive class for riders under 18 years, and Becky won riding none other than Finch Farm Nikko!

Further success in the saddle