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Success in the saddle

Riders Meg Gillan, Becky Gillan, Amilia Schooley, Lauren Bougoure, Phoebe Riordan, and Rebecca Mullen all demonstrated amazing agility and control of their horses during the Scots PGC Interschool carnival held at Morgan Park, Warwick.

In Dressage Phoebe was awarded third place and fifth place for the Novice event. Alicia was awarded first in Medium, second and fourth in Novice. Meg was awarded third in the 105cm section, Amilia awarded fourth in the 105cm and Becky a fifth in the 95cm Combined Training section. Spectacular Show jumping saw Becky awarded first place and a third place at 120cm, Meg first place and a third place at 110cm, Becky awarded a sixth at 110cm.

With more thrilling results, Amilia was fourth in the 110cm section, Meg first place and fifth place in the 100cm section, with Lauren fourth and third in the 100cm section. More amazing results from Phoebe at first place and a third place in the 100cm section, Rebecca fifth in the 80cm and last but not least a fantastic fifth and seventh from Amilia in the 70cm section.

In the 100cm show jumping classes we were awarded first place (Meg) second place (Phoebe) and third place (Lauren). What amazing results by our Fairholme girls and their horses. We are so proud of these sensational six riders!

Success in the saddle