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'Cotton-ing' on to Ag Science

In the classroom Fairholme Year 11 girls have been studying climatic and soil factors and how that influences farming systems. This trip allowed the girls to study the structure and physiology of the cotton plant out in the field, water usage, nutrition, and gave an insight into the Cotton Industry today.

The Girls were taken out into the field by Liz Lobsy, a Consultant Agronomist, where they looked at the development of the plant, leaf size and boll size, pest infestation (which fortunately there was none!) as well as the stages of cotton production.

This was an opportunity for the girls to have an on farm experience that consolidated with their class room work, deepening their knowledge and understanding of plant science. “It is wonderful that Fairholme College has moved into the area of Agricultural Studies, both the staff and the students are very excited about this new subject.” Teacher, Miss Lucy Easton said.

26 girls have elected to study Ag Science this year, with 20 of them being Fairholme boarders. Many of the girls come from a farming background already, however, some of the students at Fairholme, have not had a lot of firsthand experience or knowledge about cotton, so it was both an interesting and exciting day for all.

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