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National Youth Science forum an 'Inspirational' experience for Year 12 scholar

Year 12 student, Clara Lee, was fortunate enough to spend the final weeks of her summer holiday in Canberra, after being one of only 200 students selected to participate in the Australian National Youth Science Forum. From opening ceremonies at Parliament House, to visiting biology labs, conducting DNA profiling tests, dissecting eye balls, discos, lectures, visiting the mortuary and the opportunity to meet incredible people, Clara insists that ‘it’s one of the best experiences you can have’.

Placed in a ‘Health & Medical’ interest group at the conference, Clara attended lectures not only about science, but about how to handle Grade 12, and about her transition into Uni, all while being surrounded by ‘amazing, like-minded individuals’. In her interest group, she and 13 other girls outweighed the 2 boys who were also keen to explore medicine as their career pathway, a pathway which Clara usually associates with men. ‘It is currently a male-dominated career, but now it’s getting more attention from women’, Clara explains, ‘it was very inspiring, good for motivation’, she laughed.

After asking whether studying medicine is still her goal, Clara says, ‘Before I went to NYSF, I was set on medicine, but now I think I can apply for Universities all-around Australia, I also want to go into research and go on exchanges, you don’t just have to be a doctor, you can be an astrophysicist if you want!’

For Clara, this experience has been invaluable, one in which she has been able to immerse herself in her love of science, while being able to develop her aspirations and meet inspiring youth. ‘It was all very eye-opening; it shifts your perspective on life ‘.

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