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Leading the way

As has become ‘tradition’ at Fairholme College the handover ceremony between outgoing and incoming head girls occurs at the final Year 12 Assembly. This is a student-run assembly which begins with a series of skits and performances by the Year 12 students.

The Seniors reflected on their years at Fairholme, resulting in an assembly with witty humour and fond memories. Outgoing head girls Georgina Duncan (Head Girl), Georgia Darr (Head Boarder) and Katie Devine (Head Day Girl) ran the highly entertaining assembly with poise and charm before handing over their offices to the incoming Head Girls for 2016.

Lalatuai Grogan (Taringa) takes up the position of Head Girl, Alice O’Connor (Toowoomba), Head Day Girl and Matilda Meppem (Meandarra) that of Head Boarder. The community acknowledges the fine work of Georgina, Georgia and Katie and looks forward to supporting Lala, Matilda and Alice in their year of leadership in 2016.

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