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Songbirds Stun Audiences

Under the dedicated guidance of singing teacher, Mrs Gwenyth Chappell, more than 40 Fairholme College students aged between five and eighteen showcased their skills on the stage, in front of an audience of parents, siblings, grandparents, friends and teachers. From a gorgeous Year 1 student, who stood before a large audience, and so beautifully supported by two Year Six students, through to the four Year 12 ‘seasoned’ performers.

There were two very special guests present this year: Margaret Schindler, Head of Voice, Queensland Conservatorium of Music and Georgina Hopson, FOGA 2007, whom has undertaken two leading roles at QPAC this year and delighted audiences with a solo performance of two popular Musical Theatre pieces. Many of the Fairholme Signing Studio students have been successful in furthering their studies at Conservatoriums of Music, careers on stage and other vocal accolades both on national and international stages.

This is Mrs Chappell’s 21st recital which coincides with her twenty-seventh year as a singing teacher at Fairholme College. How fortunate our students have been to receive such expert voice training.

Singers of the Day in each section were:
Junior School: Cameron Grimmett
Middle School: Alex Grimmett
Senior School: Lucy Clark

SINGER OF THE YEAR: Kirrily Ackerman

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