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Fond Farewells

Friday 23 October: Pastor Richard Jessup shared his farewell with a large number of staff, current and past students and parents. Pastor Jessup spoke of his time of 20 years at Fairholme College, his interests in life, and his devotion to the development of the relationship with Mizpah in Ootacumund. It was a lovely evening and a very fitting tribute for our Chaplain.

Tuesday 27 October: An emotional assembly for Mrs Merry, Head of Fairholme College Junior School amidst a sea of pink (With students dressing in pink ‘free dress’ in recognition of Mrs Merry’s sterling service! We shall miss her shoes, travel stories, and her energy around the Junior School. Over 20 years, Mrs Merry was responsible for the growth of an outstanding Junior School, magnificent Junior library, Andrews Cup involvement, and understanding that technology is an incredible learning tool for our students.

Friday 30 October: Head of Sport, Mr Nick Byron was farewelled at a delicious breakfast, in the Fairholme College Assembly Hall. A large attendance of guests across a wide spectrum.

We take this opportunity to sincerely thank these amazing and dedicated teachers for their support and loyalty to all things Fairholme, and wish you all the best in future endeavors.

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