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Year 12 Drama students rethink Macbeth

Over the weekend of 5 and 6 September, Fairholme College Year 12 Drama students performed an Epic Theatre treatment of Living with Lady Macbeth by Rob Jon, with adaptation and new material by Nancy Macks - Coordinator of Senior School Drama.

‘We estimate that close to 300 people saw the show over two nights, which included Toowoomba Grammar School students, a number of theatre contacts and a few working actors from Brisbane’ says Ms Macks, ‘and we are exceptionally proud of the girls’ work.’

The play is something of a ‘classic text’, which has been studied in schools all over Australia and the United Kingdom for the past 40 years. Living with Lady Macbeth offers the deceptively simple story of Lily Morgan and her desire to audition for the role of Lady Macbeth in her school production of Shakespeare’s great tragedy, Macbeth.

Lily is a well-liked but decidedly unremarkable girl who is constantly reminded by her mother, brother, boyfriend and peers that to audition for the role would be, frankly, ridiculous. Supported only by her best friend Monica who, truth be told, also harbours serious doubts about Lily’s dramatic abilities, Lily steels herself for the challenge. As the play unfolds, we begin to see that what began as a teenager’s simple wish slowly transforms into a heady mix of social ambition, peer group pressure and the effect of judging others.

For the majority of the cast it was the culmination of three years of elective and specialised study in the field of Drama and they were thrilled to perform something they were so very proud of to an appreciative audience that was effusive in praise and feedback afterwards.

Cast: Kirrily Ackerman, Zara Agar, Annabelle Allpass, Samantha Cabot, Jane Callan, Lucy Clark, Katie Devine, Kayla Durkin, Ainslie Fraser, Jessica Halls, Olivia Hassall, Abbie Hartwig, Grace Jarvis, Paige McDonald, Bella McDowall, Georgia McMaster, Madelaine Neucom, Elizabeth Pettigrew, Emily Trewick, Emily Venables, Mia Walton.