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A Wordsmith Amongst Us

Fairholme College Year 11 student, Eve Smibert, has won numerous writing competitions – from regional to international – and has recently been named runner-up in the Senior Short Story section of the annual University of Southern Queensland literary competition, with her piece ‘The Summers Die’.

Eve is currently working on her own novel, and as well as this has participated in the Children’s and Young Adult Writers Conference and walked away with 3rd Prize for her work, which is an outstanding achievement.

We caught up with Eve between exams and classes to find out more about her passion for the written word.

FCH: How long have you been writing?

EVE SMIBERT: Ever since I could hold a pen, really – it’s always been something that I’ve enjoyed.

FCH: Do you have a favourite genre?

EVE SMIBERT: Probably fantasy – Harry Potter and that sort of thing.

FCH: How many books do you think you have read in your lifetime? Do you think reading regularly makes you a better writer?

EVE SMIBERT: I have no idea how many I’ve read! I used to be a big reader when I was really little – I could go through a book in a few hours - but I’ve also noticed that I don’t read as much now that I’m older. I think I’m mostly just busy! Definitely, if you want to be a good writer, you have to read - I think all good writers read at least a little bit.

FHC: If you had to write a biography, who would you choose as subject, and why?

EVE SMIBERT: That’s a hard question… maybe Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Emma Watson or Coco Chanel because they’re all really strong women that have made their mark on the world.

FHC: Do you write your text messages out in full or do you use abbreviations?

EVE SMIBERT: A bit of both… it depends who I’m talking to, I suppose.

A Wordsmith Amongst Us