Dance is a human activity of ancient tradition, and a fundamental and evolving form of expression. Experiences in Dance allow students to develop as increasingly collaborative or independent learners.

Dance is offered as an elective subject from Years 9 to 12, and all students in Year 8 complete a semester of Dance. When studied in Years 11 and 12, Dance is a subject which is used in the calculation of OPs.

Across the different year levels Dance exposes students to a variety of dance genres, such as Ballet, Hip Hop, Funk, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap and many more. Students also develop an awareness of dance in different contexts and for various functions, including for artistic, ritual and social purposes.

The study of Dance is enriched by experiences in Choreography, Performance and Appreciation. Some of the skills refined are self-confidence as a performer, use of improvisation as a tool for working in Dance, and the extension and consolidation of physical and technical capabilities. Written skills used in the deconstruction of danceworks require skills in, research and analysis as well as learning to communicate coherently and insightfully about Dance.

Co-Curricular Dance

  • Dance Collective: Open to all students Years 7 to 12.
  • Dance Troupe: Audition based and open to students in Years 7 to 12 (conducted in alternate years to the bi-annual musical). Competes in various Eisteddfords.
  • Participation in both groups involve group rehearsals on a weekly basis and performances at various school events, including but not limited to: Spring Fair, Kaleidoscope of the Arts, Open Day, musicals, and assemblies.
  • All students interested in dance are encouraged to auditon for the bi-annual musical.

Based on the number of large scale Arts events during the year, these groups will run based on time allocation and availability of venue.