The Arts: An Overview

Vibrant and full of life, The Arts department is a spirited display of the heart and soul of Fairholme College. An avenue of creativity and self-expression, The Arts offers students an opportunity to acquire academic competencies and interpersonal skills through involvement in the artistic process.

The cultural profile of the College is enriched by a strong set of performance events to showcase the highly valued depth and talent of the girls:

  • Kaleidoscope of The Arts
  • Junior and Middle School Lunchtime Concerts
  • Senior School Recitals
  • Junior, Middle and Senior School Assemblies
  • Singout Festival and Stringout Festival
  • City of Toowoomba Eisteddfod
  • Music Camp
  • Arts Presentation Evening
  • GetSmART – College Arts Festival
  • Fairholme Old Girls’ Association functions and events
  • College services / events
  • Co-productions / musicals
  • Touring opportunities

We look forward to welcoming your daughter to the wonderful world of The Arts at Fairholme College. See the Co-Curricular Art Timetable ›

The Arts Facilities

  • The Patrea O’Shea Performing Arts Centre, home to specialist studios for Music and Dance tuition and rehearsal
  • 12 individual practice rooms for instrumental lessons and boarder practice
  • Visual arts studio
  • Drama classroom
  • Dance Studio

The Arts as a Subject

Fairholme College includes arts activities for all year levels from the Prep through to Year 12. Students may participate in The Arts through both academic programs in class and also the thriving co-curricular program outside of school hours. Students will be introduced to all, or a combination, of classroom subjects.

University of Southern Queensland ‘Future Visions’ Art Awards

The Official Opening of the annual USQ ‘Future Visions’ Art Awards for Year 11 and 12 Art students across the Darling Downs region, was held on Tuesday, 23 May. This year they received 109 works from which the judges selected just 42 Finalists, 8 of which belonged to Fairholme students. Congratulations, Girls!

Emily BLAIR     12 Boarder     ‘Blossoming Beauty’

Molly BORDER     12 Boarder     ‘Bridle’

Ashleigh BRADFIELD     12 Day     ‘Rest in Power’

Emma DONOVAN     12 Boarder     ‘An Essence in Practice’

Amber MASTERS     12 Day     ‘Under the Microscope’

Hannah CURRIE     11 Day     ‘If Only You Had Known’

Theri GROGAN     11 Boarder     ‘Life Plays On’

Lilly TIDSWELL     11 Day     ‘You can’t stop the Clock’

Toowoomba Eisteddfod 2017

Junior Chorale
Congratulations to Mrs Belinda Eldridge, Mrs Anne Thomas and the Junior School Chorale girls who performed beautifully at the Toowoomba Eisteddfod last Thursday night. They were awarded a fabulous 2nd PLACE in the Spiritual Hymn Singing section and a Highly Commended in the Primary School A Grade section for their delightful performance of ‘Mama, Teach Me the Blues’ and a moving tribute, ‘Lest we Forget’, in the Primary A Grade Choirs section. Sincere appreciation is extended to Ms Eduarda van Klinken, Mrs Brigid Baker and Mrs Erin Tonscheck, for their kind support and supervision, and to our patient parents who had quite a long evening.

We wish the Junior Chorale all the very best with their next event, the ‘Voices from the Trenches Festival’ on the weekend of Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May.

College, Middle & Senior Chamber Choirs Success!

Congratulations to Mr Alexander Dixon, Mrs Elizabeth Egan, Mrs Christine Lebsanft and the members of the College, Middle and Senior Chamber Choirs on their recent performances at the 2017 Toowoomba Eisteddfod!

The members of all three choirs were impressive, both in their on-stage performances and in the way they conducted themselves as audience members.

On Friday night, the College Choir received a fabulous second place in the Secondary School Choirs section and a Highly Commended in the Secondary School Modern Choir section. The Senior Chamber Choir were impressive in the Vocal Ensemble section (Max. 16 voices), giving a moving performance of ‘Psalm 23’.

On Saturday evening, our College Choir sang absolutely beautifully in both the Secondary School Spiritual/ Gospel and Hymn Singing sections, and were awarded 1st PLACE in the latter section, receiving the Gwenda Jones Memorial Shield! Our Senior Chamber Choir girls performed in the Secondary School Folk Singing Ensemble section (max. 16 voices), singing two contrasting songs that were just amazing and they were awarded 2nd PLACE.

The combined results of our choir’s performances across these three sections on Saturday evening meant that Fairholme College was the recipient of the Toowoomba Philharmonic Shield, achieving the highest aggregate points! A wonderful achievement given the standard of competition from the many Toowoomba schools that competed!

On Sunday afternoon, the members of our Middle School Chamber Choir competed in the Middle School Vocal Ensemble (5 – 16 voices) and were awarded 2nd PLACE for their sensitive presentation.

Vocal Music and Speech & Drama Results
In addition to our Choral Music involvement, the Toowoomba Eisteddfod has seen many of our students also compete in the numerous Vocal Music and Speech and Drama Group sections. We are extremely proud of all of our girls who have had the courage to perform in these solo and small groups sections. Myriad wonderful individual results were achieved.


Arts Calendar

Fairholme Grammar Musical Orchestra rehearsal –P23, 7 – 9pm
Fairholme Grammar Musical Rehearsals - Assembly Hall, 6.30–8.30pm

Guildford Grammar School Motown Group (Perth), workshops with Fairholme SWB and Fairholme Orchestra – Fairholme AssemblyHall, 9.30 – 12.45pm (Dixon/Crook)

Fairholme Grammar Musical Rehearsals - Assembly Hall, 2–5pm

Fairholme Grammar Orchestra Rehearsals - P23, Performing Arts Building (With Leads), 4.45 – 6.15pm

Chamber Strings Rehearsal Period 5 - P23 PerformingArts 2.15 - 3.15pm

Pre Eisteddfod Concert - Fairholme AssemblyHall, 6.30-8pm
Fairholme Grammar Musical Rehearsals -Grammar Hall, 6.30–8.30pm

Fairholme Grammar Musical Rehearsals - Assembly Hall, 2–5pm

Fairholme Grammar Orchestra Rehearsals (With leads) - P23, Performing Arts Building, 4.30 – 6.15pm

Fairholme Grammar Musical Rehearsals - Assembly Hall, 6.30–8.30pm

Toowoomba Eisteddfod Part 2 - Instrumental Music, speech & drama solos, group dance

Toowoomba Eisteddfod Part 2 - Instrumental Music, speech & drama solos, group dance

Toowoomba Eisteddfod Part 2 - Instrumental Music, speech & drama solos, group dance

Fairholme Grammar Musical Rehearsal including Orchestra (Sitzprobe) - Fairholme Assembly Hall, 2 – 5pm

Toowoomba Eisteddfod Part 2 - Instrumental Music, speech & drama solos, group dance

Year 11 and 12 Contemporary Dance Workshop - Dance Room, 8.30 - 11.30am
Toowoomba Eisteddfod Part 2 - Instrumental Music, speech & drama solos, group dance

Fairholme Grammar Musical Rehearsals including Orchestra (Full run with Cast) - Fairholme Assembly Hall, 6.00 – 9pm
SOFA Meeting - P22 Performing Arts Building, 6.30-7.30pm

The Arts at Fairholme

Keeping in Touch

Any enquiries regarding The Arts, including event information and results, can be directed to Mrs Kathy Siebuhr, Assistant to Performing & Visual Arts Departments email: