Teaching and Learning

At Fairholme College, our aim is both beautifully intricate and profoundly simple: that our students may develop into lifelong learners and thinkers.

Having the privilege of a vibrant and wonderfully unique mix of personality, learning styles, individual tastes and biological make-up amongst our students, we dedicate our energy and focus to these aspects in maximising each one’s learning experience:

  • Curriculum content: rich and stimulating, challenging yet achievable,
  • Teaching staff and school officers: inspiring communicators, professional in all standards and each one possessing a fundamental desire to see our students excel,
  • Delivery: articulate and intentional, supportive and explanatory, deliberately fun.

We celebrate both participation and excellence, individual achievement of the highest calibre and standard, and all that can be achieved through the joy and collaboration of team work. The academic reputation of the College goes from strength to strength, with our students continuing to achieve outstanding results each year.

It is my delight to support and guide our students in starting the fire of a love of learning.

Stewart Peacock | Head of Teaching and Learning

Keeping In Touch

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Teaching and Learning

Head of Teaching and Learning Mr Stewart Peacock
T +61 7 4688 4651
Assistant to the Head of Teaching and Learning Ms Yvette Stierer
T +61 7 4688 4651