Futsal Results
During Term 4, we had two teams involved in a six-week Futsal Competition against other schools in Toowoomba. Both teams were nominated in B Grade, and Fairholme Gold were successful in winning their grand final. Well done, girls!

Triathlon Results
Fairholme College had 13 girls participate at the Darling Downs Secondary School Trials for Triathlon in the 13-19 Years age group last weekend. Our girls performed tremendously, with 12 being selected in the Darling Downs team to go to the State Championships in Hervey Bay in February next year. Also, two students who are enrolled to come to Fairholme next year were selected.

While the event was about competition, there was some misfortune on the day; however, what transpired was a magnanimous display of team support for a fellow competitor.

Tilly Craig had an unfortunate encounter with two large dogs on the cycle leg of the trials, resulting in her being catapulted over the handlebars (thankfully nothing broken, just parts of the bike).

Rene Beci promptly pulled up (the girls were in 3rd and 4th place at this stage of the race), got off her bike and walked Tilly back to the first aid post on course, despite Tilly insisting that Rene keep going with the race. Once Rene knew Tilly was all right (and with Tilly encouraging her to do so), she rejoined the race to complete her selection trial: a fabulous display of support for a fellow competitor.

Students selected to participate in the Queensland School Sport State Championships to be held at Hervey Bay in February next year are Rene Beci, Rani Brennan, Matilda Craig, Emma Dann, Sophie Hann, Pheobe Meyer, Bridget Meyers, Ellie Randall, Madeline Randall, Chloe Randall, Ella Rogers and Georgia Sloss. Well done, girls!

Rugby 7s Introduction
Fairholme and the Sport Department are pleased to announce that Rugby 7s will be introduced to our sport program in 2017. Much consideration has been given to the activity and how it will be introduced so that the girls are coached correctly, safely, and nurtured towards their first games. Girls have already begun to sign up and permission letters have been sent home to parents.

The program will start at the beginning of Term 1 with training and selections occurring during Wednesday afternoon sport time. With this in mind, girls will require all safety gear (headgear and mouthguard) for the start of the term. A jersey or old robust shirt would be ideal for initial training sessions. Forms will need to be returned before students will be able to train.

The ABC published an interesting article regarding Rugby 7s› Of particular note are the comments of past student and Gold Medallist Olympian, Emilee Cherry, regarding the importance of other sports. We are also very mindful of keeping the integrity of the sports we offer and see the value of the cross-overs, and we will be strongly encouraging our girls to commit to the range of sports.

2017 Swimming Carnival
On 17 February we will host our Year 7 - 12 Swimming carnival. This a must-see event (don’t worry, you will hear it, and ear plugs are recommended) for the whole family. All girls will trial for events during Physical Education lessons and it is most important that all girls have their swimming costumes for the first couple of weeks for these trials. There is also a House Day on 6 February where the girls will practise for the March Past and there will be more swimming trials and the PCG Relays on this day.

Queensland All Schools Touch
The following girls played in the Qld All Schools Touch tournament in Brisbane on 5 to 6 November: Kingsley Brimblecombe, Rosie Duggan, Holly Ford, Sienna Green, Ava Marjoribanks, Camilla Meynink, Eva Quinlan, Ruby Smith, Maya Toshach and Madison Weir.

The girls won two games and lost two games in the grading rounds. They were graded into a higher division than past years and on Sunday they were knocked out after their first game.

Our girls have shown wonderful improvement since the tournament in Dalby last month, and the Year 5 girls will be ready to share all their experience next year in their respective Andrews Cup teams.

Thank you to our coaching staff, Mr Craig Collins and Miss Kristen Currie, and to parents for accompanying their daughters and for transporting the school tent!

Queensland Primary School Swimming
A team of swimmers will participate at the Annual Invitational Relay carnival on Friday 18 November. We wish the following swimmers and the coaching staff from the Aquatic centre great success for this relay competition: Kingsley Brimblecombe, Charlotte Love, Mia Pratt, Eva Quinlan, Tunya Teakle, Maya Toshach and Rachel Yap.

Andrews Cup Softball
Three Softball teams participated at the Andrews Cup Carnival on Monday 24 October. The A Team girls, who were coached by Mrs Lyn Grieve and Mrs Elaine Harris, (who also coached the Year 6 girls), and our C team, coached by Miss Emma Cosgrove, had a wonderful day learning and absorbing the culture of softball. Our girls all made significant gains in their skills and understanding throughout the day.

Feedback from our competitors was very positive about the spirit in which our players conducted themselves and enjoyed the game. Congratulations to the B Team who gained 6th position, and to all the players and coaches for another fabulous Andrews Cup day.

This is the last newsletter for the year and with it comes a final reminder to keep the weekend of 11 and 12 February free; Tanja Mitton will be in Toowoomba to give individual lessons to the girls who have horses here. This is an opportunity not to be missed, so let’s make the most of it!

We had our annual presentation last night and the perpetual trophy winners were:

  • Sara Holmes Dressage Trophy: Alicia Freeman
  • Combined Training: Mia Doering
  • Hack and Rider: Bree Robertson
  • Pugh Bakeries Showjumping: Meg Gillan
  • Showman: Bree Robertson
  • Eventing: Amilia Schooley
  • Commitment: Phoebe Riordan
  • Squelch Interhouse: Black House
  • Holmes Cup: Phoebe Riordan
  • Captain’s Trophy: Meg Gillan

Tracey Sexton will be here next year to carry on the support for all of you in Fairholme Equestrian. Have a happy and safe Christmas.

Equestrian News

Ms Jane Davis | Equestrian Co-ordinator

Sports Calendar

Toowoomba Jump Club Event - Tmba Showgrounds, all day

TSSS Summer Sport Trials - various venues Toowoomba, 1-3.15pm
Equestrian - Morning View / Finch Farm, 12.30pm
IH Swimming Trials during all PE Lessons - Aquatic Centre, 8.25am-3.15pm

Open Trials at FAST Club Night - Fairholme Aquaic Centre, 5pm-7pm
Assn Touch Summer Comp U14's
Swimming Time Trials 8-10 yrs, 11am-12.30pm
Swimming Time Trials 11 & 12 yrs, 1.30-3pm
IH Swimming Trials during all PE Lessons - Aquatic Centre 8.25am-3.15pm
Swimmer's Breakfast/FLAMES induction - Fairholme Aquatic Centre, 7am - 8.20am

Assn/Cup Netball & Touch Musters & Sacre Coeur Tennis Trials - Fairholme Gym/Oval/Tennis Crts, 9am-1.30pm

Assn Volleyball Muster - Fairholme Gym, 3.30-5pm
IH Swimming Trials during all PE Lessons - AquaticCentre, 8.25am-3.15pm

Open Trials Swimming - Pool, 1-1.45pm
Laura Geitz Netball Training - Fairholme Gym, 3.30pm-5pm

Cross Country Training - Fairholme Oval, 3.30-4.30pm
Assn Water Polo - Glennie, various times
Years 7 Sport Testing - Oval, 11am-1pm
IH Swimming Trials during all PE Lessons - Aquatic Centre, 8.25am-3.15pm

Jump Into Netball for Years 1 to 3 - Fairholme CollegeGym, 3.15-4pm


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