Library and Information Services

The libraries at Fairholme are dynamic learning environments which empower students and support 21st century learning. They are not just places for reading in, but they are places for thinking, exploring, creating, collaborating… which means they are rarely silent.

Library and Information Services are provided to staff and students via two College Libraries: Greta Statham Library and Learning Centre (TLC) for Middle and Senior School students, and Fairholme Junior Library for Junior School students.

Greta Statham Library and Learning Centre (TLC)

Our resource library and a key learning space for Middle and Senior school students, staff and parents.

The TLC Library has welcoming and stimulating environments in which students and staff can interact with resources, ideas and with each other, as they share positive and enriching learning experiences. A multiplicity of zones have been created so that individuals can engage in private study, small groups are able to work collaboratively, and classes are able to participate in a range of learning activities.

Accessing Extensive and Diverse Collections in Person and Online
Numerous well-resourced collections of over 25,000 items of fiction, senior fiction, biographies, non-fiction, media and DVDs available both in person and online via the College Intranet ›. A keyword search in the catalogue retrieves print & non-print library resources, digital resources stored on the College network, as well as articles and eBooks from World Book, EBSCO databases and other online databases.

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday, 7.45am to 4.30pm.

Keeping In Touch

Main Contact Details

Fairholme College 
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T +61 7 4688 4688
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Library and Information Services Team

Head of Library and Information Services

Mrs Melanie Hassall
T  07 4688 4660

Library Technician

Ms Joanne Andrews
T  07 4688 4606

Library Assistants

Mrs Samantha Back
Mrs Carolyn Brunner
Marguerite Gallagher
Mrs Antoinette Porter