Learning Enhancement Program

Innovative and multi-faceted, our Learning Enhancement Centre (LEC) was established to support and enhance the learning of all Fairholme College students, recognising that each student can be at different stages along the learning spectrum.

A significant component of learning enhancement is the incorporation of a differentiated curriculum in many subject year levels and subject areas, allowing students to access learning experiences and assessment at either a core, modified or extension level where deemed necessary.

Our Team

The Learning Enhancement team comprises a range of professionals with expertise in providing tailored advice, student assessment and effective and appropriate learning pathways. These include a program coordinator who oversees the various components of the programs, a specialist learning enhancement teacher with proficiency in both support and extension, and four learning enhancement assistants who work directly with the students.

In addition, the Learning Enhancement Executive Committee consisting of the Head of Teaching and Learning, the Heads of Junior and Middle Schools, the Learning Enhancement Co-ordinator, the Learning enhancement Teachers, the College Counsellor and Learning Pathways Coordinator to work collaboratively to discuss and make decisions pertaining to specific individual student needs.

Benefits to Students, Staff and Parents

Learning Enhancement provides ongoing benefits for students, staff and parents. These include:

  • Specialist advice for teachers and parents for shared approaches in class and at home
  • In-class and small group assistance for students
  • Planning for differentiated curriculum
  • Formal assessment of individual student needs
  • Individual education plans for students assessed as requiring additional learning support or extension/accelerative options
  • Early intervention programs in the Junior School
  • Homework and assessment help sessions conducted before, during and after school
  • Co-curricular interest groups E.g. Earthmovers
  • Facilitation of student participation in a variety of competitions including Opti-MINDS, University of Southern Queensland Science and Engineering Challenge, Darling Downs Maths Team Challenge, Mathematics Olympiad
  • Early access to university via the University of Southern Queensland Headstart program and Griffith University GUEST program
  • Referral to external specialists

Keeping In Touch

Main Contact Details

Fairholme College 
gmap40 Wirra Wirra Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350

T +61 7 4688 4688
F +61 7 4688 4694

Learning Enhancement Team

Learning Enhancement

Mrs Kylie Wallis
T  07 4688 4637

Learning Enhancement

Mrs Nicky Cooley
Mrs Tina Hammond
Mrs Pauline Moore
Mrs Rebecca Scott
Mrs Jennifer Perrignon

Learning Enhancement Executive Committee

Head of Teaching and Learning

Mr Stewart Peacock
T  07 4688 4651

Head of Junior School

Mrs Erin Tonscheck
T   07 4688 4633
E   erin.tonscheck@fairholme.qld.edu.au

Head of Middle School

Mrs Jaye Ross
T   07 4688 4673
E   jaye.ross@fairholme.qld.edu.au

Learning Enhancement Co-ordinator

Mrs Kylie Wallis
T   07 4688 4637
E   Kylie.Wallis@fairholme.qld.edu.au

Learning Pathways Co-ordinator

Ms Laura Anderson
T   07 4688 4667
E   Laura.Anderson@fairholme.qld.edu.au


Learning Support

Is provided for students who may have learning difficulties, and need specialist help in understanding and demonstrating core principles of literacy and numeracy.

Learning Extension

Offers students opportunities to engage in curriculum that is beyond the core level in terms of its complexity and rigor. Differentiation is offered, where deemed appropriate, in key subjects.

Learning Acceleration

Accelerative options may be offered to exceptional students who are functioning cognitively at a level well beyond their year level peers. Decisions regarding single subject and year level acceleration are made by the Learning Enhancement Executive Committee in consultation with the Principal of the College.