Learning at Fairholme

The Fairholme learning journey enables girls from Kindy to Year 12 to understand that intellectual ability is not necessarily pre-determined from when they join us; it can be developed through perseverance, enthusiasm and a willingness to discover and respond to feedback.

Our dedicated staff members value independent learning and encourage girls to be lateral in their thinking across academic, cultural, sporting and service-based sectors. Girls learn to stimulate and expand their intellectual curiosity through reading, asking and debating but also learn when to listen and absorb.

Through the myriad of opportunities offered at Fairholme College, your daughter’s learning journey will develop her academic wellbeing, her intellectual enthusiasm and her social confidence, giving her a set of skills to carry her through further education and beyond, towards a life fulfilled by work, relationships and service to their communities. 

Keeping In Touch

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Teaching and Learning

Head of Teaching and Learning Mr Stewart Peacock
T +61 7 4688 4651
Assistant to the Head of Teaching and Learning Ms Yvette Stierer
T +61 7 4688 4651