Fairholme Kindy

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Fairholme Kindy offers a rich play-based program, for girls and boys who turn 3 years of age, prior to their commencement at Kindy.

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The carefully designed, inviting and beautifully created indoor and outdoor learning spaces allow for a gentle transition from home to a safe, secure and supportive group setting. Partnerships between the family and Fairholme Kindy are respected, encouraged and essential for the optimal development of the children.

The children are active learners and communicators who learn through creative play, social interactions, planned experiences and spontaneous teachable moments. The program builds on the children’s natural curiosity and love of learning.

Dedicated and passionate early childhood staff immerse the children in a wide variety of learning experiences which stimulate the children’s imagination, and offer opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Weekly specialist sessions in music, physical education and to visit the stunning Junior Greta Centre enhance their learning experiences and allow for the development of strong foundations for future success.

Programs available at Fairholme Kindy are:
Kindy 2 day program on Tuesday and Thursday
Kindy 3 day program on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays
Kindy 5 day program for children who are eligible for the Kindy 3 day progam

Uniforms are purchased through the HolmeStore ›

Fairholme Kindy is a Queensland Government approved kindergarten program provider and is licensed as a Centre Based Child Care Service. It is not registered for Commonwealth Childcare Benefit (CCB) in respect of Kindy age children. Parents need to lodge their receipt at the Family Assistance Office (FAO) and payment will be made into the recipients nominated bank account. Receipts are sent out from the Accounts Department at Fairholme College at the end of each term.

Keeping In Touch

Main Contact Details

Fairholme College
gmapPO Box 688
40 Wirra Wirra Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350

T +61 7 4688 4647
F +61 7 4688 4694

Kindy Staff

Kindy Teacher
(Kindy "D")

Mrs Joanne Darbyshire
T 07 4688 4639
E jo.darbyshire@fairholme.qld.edu.au

Kindy Assistant
(Kindy "D")

Mrs Sue Harris
T 07 4688 4639
E sue.harris@fairholme.qld.edu.au

Kindy Teacher
(Kindy "N")

Mrs Sonya Nicol
T 07 4688 4639
E sonya.nicol@fairholme.qld.edu.au

Kindy Assistant
(Kindy "N")

Mrs Anne Maguire
T 07 4688 4639
E anne.maguire@fairholme.qld.edu.au