Careers Education

Delivered right throughout Junior, Middle and Senior School, careers education at Fairholme is based on the Australian Blueprint for Career Development, which offers a framework for creating, strengthening and evaluating career development programs for young people and adults. Competencies learned promote intentional career development, lifelong learning and life/work balance.

By the time they graduate from Year 12, Fairholme girls are developed to:

  • Objectively identify their own strengths, aspirations, values and abilities – their ‘toolkit’;
  • Understand the correlations between gainful employment, society and our economy;
  • Appreciate how their day-to-day demeanour, behaviour and attitudes impact on themselves and others in the workplace;
  • Research demand trends for key industries, professions and qualifications;
  • Recognise the skill set, values and level of education required by an individual for the profession of their choice;
  • Foster a sense of healthy ambition, build perseverance, and learn how to deal with disappointment; and…
  • Make well-informed choices and education pursuits that will enhance their career and adult life.

Year 10 work experience
Getting involved in work experience during Year 10 is a good way to test-drive careers and also offer students an excellent opportunity to learn about the world of work and develop job search strategies. Sampling an occupation will help students decide what they may, or may not, want to do when they jump into the workplace for real. It will also come in handy since employers look for work experience on resumes - especially when it comes to newcomers who don’t have much else to set them apart. This work experience block also offers students an understanding of the importance a well-developed resume and cover letter.




myfuture-logoMyfuture is Australia’s national career information and exploration service, helping people to make career decisions, plan career pathways and manage work transitions.

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QTAC: Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre

QTAC Logo QTAC processes applications for admission to the majority of undergraduate courses offered by universities in Queensland, Bond University, the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania, and to some courses at universities in Northern NSW.

QTAC also processes applications for selected courses for TAFE Queensland, Southbank Institute of Technology and some private providers of post secondary courses.

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Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority:

Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority  Logo

The Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority (QCAA) is a statutory body of the Queensland Government. We provide Preparatory Year to Year 12 syllabuses, assessment, reporting, testing, accreditation and certification services for Queensland schools.

The QCAA was established on 1 July 2002, replacing the Queensland School Curriculum Council, the Queensland Board of Senior Secondary School Studies and the Tertiary Entrance Procedures Authority.

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