Board of Directors
Fairholme College (Toowoomba) Pty Ltd.

The Board of Directors in its governance of Fairholme College (Toowoomba) Pty Ltd and in accord with its charter as a College of The Presbyterian Church of Queensland is responsible for setting the strategic direction, monitoring the financial management and performance of the College generally and ensuring appropriate risk management and compliance controls are in place to meet those responsibilities.

Fairholme College Board of Directors 2016

The Fairholme College Board August 2016

The Board is comprised of up to seven members nominated annually by the outgoing Board, two members nominated by the Presbytery of Darling Downs, two members nominated by The Parents’ and Friends’ Association, and appointed by the Assembly of The Presbyterian Church of Queensland; the Moderator, Clerk of Assembly and Treasurer of The Presbyterian Church of Queensland; and the Principal.

The Board sets policy, approves the annual budget and appoints the Principal who is responsible for the day to day operations and management of the College, within these policies and the budget. The College Chaplain and the Business Manager (and Company Secretary) are also appointed by the Board.

Board members

Chairman Mr Ian C Andersen  
Deputy Chairman Mr Ian D Walton  
Principal Dr Linda Evans EdD. MA, BEd. Studies, DipTeach, MACE, MACEL
Moderator, The Presbyterian Church of Queensland (1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017) Right Rev. Philip Campbell  
Treasurer, The Presbyterian Church of Queensland Mr George R Harris  
Clerk Of Assembly, The Presbyterian Church of Queensland Rev Ron C Clark DipDiv ThSoc
Directors Rev Peter J Barson  
  Mr Graham L Burt  
  Mrs Jeanette M Loxton (Nee Clewett) BEng (Hons), MIEaust, AAICD, PGD Divinity & Mission
  Ms Alaina Macdonald MAAPD, BA Archaeology/Anthropology
  Ms Katie Murray (Nee Sutton) LLB (Hons)
  Ms Lisa O’Neill LLB. Grad Cert Bus Admin
  Mrs Debbie Weber  
Fairholme College (Toowoomba) Pty Ltd Board of Directors as at September 2016

Company Secretary: Mr Mark Freeman CPA, MAICD

Meetings of the Board
The Board discharges its responsibilities through the conduct of its regular meetings, and the meetings of its Committees. The Board normally meets ten times per year, February to November.

In addition, each year the Board of Directors meet for a weekend retreat where they engage in professional learning directly associated with their governance role in areas such as strategic planning, risk management and compliance. Further professional learning opportunities are undertaken throughout the year as part of the Board meeting agenda and also through short courses offered through external organisations such as Independent Schools Queensland.

Board Committees
Several Board Committees are in operation and report on a regular basis to the Board. These include:

Executive Committee: Chair Mr Ian Andersen

Audit and Finance Committee: Chair Mr Ian Andersen

Projects, Facilities and Maintenance Committee: Chair Mr Ian Walton

Compliance and Risk Management Committee: Chair Mrs Katie Murray

Nominations Committee: Chair Mr Ian Andersen

The Executive Committee, the Compliance and Risk Management Committee and the Projects, Facilities and Maintenance Committee generally meet 10 timer per year. Other committees meet as needed. The recommendations and reports of these committees are tabled and discussed at each Board Meeting.

Directors with Special Portfolios
From time to time the Board appoints members to oversee specific portfolios that are relevant to current issues in education or governance.

Finance Director: Mr Ian Andersen

Project, Facilities and Maintenance Director: Mr Ian Walton

Compliance and Risk Management Director: Mrs Katie Murray