Fairholme College Swim Program

25M Pool Back in Action

Our 25m pool is back in action after an extended break due to maintenance and refurbishment. The new windows, flooring, painting, start blocks and tiling along with maintenance below deck has revamped the fresh looking aquatic centre.

Swimming lessons for all ages and abilities are running for the rest of Term 3, with holiday programs over the two weeks of September holidays. All swimming lessons are discounted for Fairholme students. All squads (free for Fairholme girls) are back training at our home pool and the swim club (FAST) is excited to welcome any new members and interested swimmers.

Our O18 membership program FAST Links, has Deep Water Running classes, Lap Swimming and Adult Fitness squads available to the public for an annual membership of only $20 plus class fees. We look forward to seeing you at FAST Aquatic Centre.

From their very first days at Fairholme College, students have opportunity to gain water confidence, learn how to swim with sound technique, and become accustomed to a racing environment.

Prep to Year 3

For this age group, swimming is all about enjoying their experience in the water, becoming confident and independent swimmers, instilling water safety skills and having fun. In Term 1, Prep to Year 3 students participate in a 2-week Learn to Swim Intensive. The girls swim every day for a fortnight (10 school days in total), which is then shortly followed by their Dolphin Swim Carnival.

Years 4 to 6

Swimmers are now gaining water fitness, and developing correct technique across all four strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

In Terms 1 and 4, Years 4 to 6 participate in weekly swimming as part of their Physical Education classes. In Term 1, the girls each complete time trials in preparation for the Junior Interhouse Carnival, the premier date on their Fairholme College Swimming calendar. In Term 4, our Junior Swim Tournament takes place. This is a great way to kickstart swim training in the warmer months of the year, and start preparations for the all-important Term 1 Carnival.

Years 7 to 12

The focus in our College Swim Program now turns to refining technique, developing a competitive mindset as well as race fitness, and if having earned the privilege to do so, representing the College with character and integrity at external swim meets.

In Terms 1, 3 and 4, Middle and Senior students participate in weekly swimming as part of their Sport and Physical Education classes. Terms 3 and 4 are also prime opportunities for swimmers to demonstrate their ability in the pool, and commitment to training. Term 4 also brings the first real race opportunity for the summer months - the Middle Swim Tournament and Senior Swim Tournament.

In Term 1, all students are invited to a Swimmers' Breakfast on the first Friday of the term to find out all there is to know about swimming for this year at Fairholme. In the weeks that follow, all girls complete time trials in preparation for the Middle and Senior Interhouse Carnival, the premier date on their Fairholme College Swimming calendar and fiercely contested between the four College houses, PCG relay groups, and also between the Day girls and Boarder girls. The March Past and war cries spur on all swimmers to compete with fantastic spirit.

Fairholme FLAMES

By the time the girls reach Years 4 to 6 and further in Years 7 to 12, a wealth of opportunities to represent the College and/or FAST Swim Club (link to Swim Club page) in external swim meets is open to those who commit themselves to fitness and swim training with their coach. Also known as Fairholme FLAMES, our College swim teams have been a source of great pride and achievement for many years. On several occasions, it is not that our swimmers have had the best times in the field, and often, it is the opposite – on paper, we will not win. It is, however, the undeniable spirit, achieving attitude and belief in one another that has seen our girls return to the College with victory from the pool, time and time again.

Meets where Fairholme’s College teams have excelled include:

  • TSSS A School Swimming
  • Royal Life Saving Schools Carnival
  • Darling Downs Secondary Trials
  • Queensland State Secondary Championships
  • Andrews Cup
  • Queensland Primary State Relay
  • Range Zone Swimming