Friends of Junior School (FOJS)

Friends of Junior School (FOJS) seeks to support the work of the Junior School in enhancing the educational environment for all Kindy, Prep and Junior students, and also provides an important networking and friend-raising forum for parents.

Meetings usually involve a small presentation by a guest speaker, a discussion of up-coming junior events, planning for fundraising activities and social occasions. FOJS members organise a High Tea event each year, and run stalls at Athletics and Swimming events.

FOJS falls under the umbrella of the Fairholme College P&F and was established as a support network for parents and friends of Junior School students.

The meetings (Fourth Tuesday of each month, term-time 1:45 – 2:45pm) are a great opportunity to meet other parents and to find out what is happening in the Junior School. Please feel free to join us for a coffee and a chat. We are always looking for new and different ideas for the year.

FOJS: Class Ambassadors

We have had great reviews from the Class Ambassadors of last year and hope to continue with this in 2017. We aim to get at least one parent from each class to act as Ambassadors. This is not a large responsibility and the FOJS team will be there to give ideas and support you throughout the year.

The role will include:
  a) organising volunteers for the above mentioned fundraising day your class has adopted, as well as
  b) arranging occasional parent and student social events.

These social events are simply opportunities for families to meet and make connections. Ideas for consideration include: a picnic in the park, dinner night, pool play date, a table at the Gala Ball or perhaps just parents getting together for a coffee after a morning drop off. These are suggestions only.

Mrs Jodie Macdonald will be the Ambassador Co‚Äźordinator for 2017. Jodie will assist Ambassadors to make connections with each other, suggest ideas for social opportunities and provide advice around the organisation of timetables for Class parents to sign up for their Year Level fundraising event.

We have already filled some of the Class Ambassador positions, and would love to hear from any parents in Years 1, 2 5 and 6 who are willing to join the Class Ambassador’s group.


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Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month, term-time, 6pm – 7pm in Greta Junior.

Venue: L Block Assembly

Contact: Fairholme Junior School: 07 4688 4647 or via email