FOGA Fairholme Old Girls’ Association

Formed in 1921, the Fairholme Old Girls' Association (FOGA) takes an active interest in both the past students of the College as well as the present day girls that are now attending.

Key aims of the association are to:

  • Provide connectedness of Fairholme Old Girls, which involves maintaining a current database locating past students who have changed addresses and/or names in order to keep us in touch with our Fairholme family. Are you a Fairholme Old Girl who has moved? Or can you help us find some ‘missing’ girls? Please contact us! We would love to hear from you.
  • Care for and preserve a great number of Fairholme artefacts and memorabilia, displayed with pride and affection in the FOGA foyer at Fairholme College.
  • Donate a number of bursaries and prizes to Fairholme students each year, as well as an annual donation each to the Fairholme Foundation and Fairholme Old Girls’ Education Foundation.

FOGA meetings are held in Toowoomba at Fairholme College in the FOGA Foyer Meeting Room, on the third Wednesday of each month (excluding school holidays) at 4.00pm. In Brisbane, meetings are held on set dates, please contact the President (listed below), for further details.

We would love to see some new Old Girls come along and join our small but enthusiastic group who regularly plan our activities as fresh ideas are always welcome

Missing Old Girls
Your help in locating Past Students is invaluable. The Past Student listing allows you to instantly find the names of all Past Students including those whom we have been unable to locate.

Through the FOGA Office you may also request contact with another Fairholme student. Personal information (other than name and year) is not disclosed in the listing.

This facility is proving to be a very valuable tool as it is being extensively used to provide us with updated information as well as enabling many Past Students to reconnect with each other.

Learn more

Focus on Fairholme
Keen to hear about how other Old Girls’ news and adventures? Please see the pages dedicated to Fairholme Old Girls in the latest edition of Focus on Fairholme. (Link below)

Keeping in touch

For any information about Fairholme Old Girls, please email contact:

Helen Lange via

T 07 4688 4688 or

Reunions Gallery

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FOGA events

FOGA Toowoomba Meeting - Homestead, 4pm

FOGA Toowoomba Meeting - Homestead, 4pm

FOGA Toowoomba Meeting - Homestead, 4pm

FOGA Toowoomba Meeting - Homestead, 4pm

FOGA Church Service - Homestead, 10am

Annual Functions

  • FOGA Brisbane Branch Luncheon: Usually the third Saturday in March, Mt Ommaney Hotel Apartments.
  • FOGA Toowoomba Annual Church Service: Sunday April 2017, St Stephen’s Uniting Church, Neil Street, Toowoomba 8.45am
  • Friends of Fairholme Founders’ Day to be held June 2017. This day recognises the Founders of the College, the path we’ve travelled. A luncheon is held in the Homestead, before the afternoon Assembly at 2pm.
  • 2017 Fairholme Spring Fair Reunion Weekend: Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October, Spring Fair and All Year Reunion Luncheon 11:30am for 12 noon in the College dinning hall. Details to be confirmed.
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Your Executive

2016-2017 F.O.G.A. Executive
President: Robyn Blakeley (Reardon) (1973-1977)
Vice President(s): Ann Whiteman (McWilliam) (1967-1972)
Secretary: Christine Gilshenan (Dehnert) (1963-1966)
Treasurer: Lyn Brandon (Taylor) (1962-1965)
Patroness: Jocelyn Mercer (Cossart) (1947-1949)
Brisbane Co-ordinators: Anne Mitchell (Clarke) (1950-53), Susan Goodwin (Corfe) (1959-61)

Fairholme Positions
Alumni Officer: Helen Lange
Reunion Co-ord. & Memberships Care of
Focus Correspondent: Care of Mrs Marita Ramia