College Badge

The Fairholme College Badge depicts the Cross of St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, surmounted by the burning bush described in Exodus Chapter 3, Verses 1-6, when God spoke to Moses.

College Motto

The Fairholme College motto, "Ardens sed Virens,"means "burning yet flourishing" and refers to the burning bush on the College badge. Just as the bush burned brightly yet was not consumed, so too, our Christian faith should burn within us yet flourish, as we become a living witness to the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

College Tartan

The materials from which the summer uniform and the winter skirt are made have been designed from the tartan of the MacLarens. This is an ancient clan tracing its ancestry back to A.D. 503, and is in keeping with the Scottish origins of the College. It is understood that this was the favourite tartan of Mrs. Margaret Anne Cameron, the last private owner of "Fairholme Homestead."


Fairholme College Bagde Fairholme College Crest tartan_2007